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Receiving 100% package loss

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Receiving 100% package loss


On my Samsung Note 10.1 second gen . I tried Calling my School since Our sites System is down and I Connected but I Was Showing 100% loss in the Statistics

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Re: Receiving 100% package loss

This sounds like a network connectivity issue. it might be due to low network bandwidth or might be caused by a firewall issue


A few questions to help you diagnose:

1. have you successfully used the client before for video calls?

2. Were you using WiFi or 3G/4G for a connection.

3. Are you able to browse the network from your device


The issue should be reported to your Polycom channel support contact if possible.

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Re: Receiving 100% package loss

hi there

how was this issue solved? i got the same problem on all devices (several windows computers with and without firewall, android device on wifi and 4g microsoft surface) with real presence desktop and mobile. everytime i connect to my classroom after 9-10 seconds i got 100% package loss and of course no connection. need help ;)