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Using Verizon 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot

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Using Verizon 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot

The company I work for is looking at using IPad2s with the Polycom App for makiing video calls and using a verizon mobile hot spot 3G/4G Wifi.  I tested with one this morning and was able to establish a connection via this portable hotpsot but though the stats show me sending it did not show any receive audio/video.  When I stopped using the hotspot and used the 3G network on the IPad I was then able to receive both audio and video.  Is there something special that needs to be enabled on the verizon hotspot for audio/video to work both ways?  Thanks.

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Re: Using Verizon 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot

 actual card name is a MIFI card that provides a WiFi hotspot.  Sorry if I caused any confusion.

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Re: Using Verizon 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot

You are going to need to set up port forwarding on the Mifi device. To do this you will need to access the Mifi Web interface.  See page 23 of the below document...


(This guide is for the LTE MiFi but the process should be similar for other MiFi devices.)


Once you are in the web interface, page 52 will show you how to set up port forwarding.


You will need to forward the following ports to the iPad's IP Address...


1720 (TCP)

3230 - 3341 (TCP and UDP)


Now the tricky part here is that the Ipad's IP address will generally be dynamic, by default, so you will need to set a static IP address on the iPad.  I found a post in this forum, that explains how to do this.


"Touch Settings, touch General, touch Wi-Fi, touch the blue circled >. You can select DHCP, BootP, or Static.

Note your DHCP configuration data before moving to the Static configuration. You need any IP address for

the iPad (pick something within your router's range of IP addresses,) the network mask, the router's IP address

(also known as the gateway IP address,) and the DNS' IP address. Fill in the information. In the router's configuration

see if there's an option for DHCP with Manual addressing. If there is use that instead of DHCP. Most routers can handle

both types of setups."


Make sure you set an IP address which would be outside DHCP scope of the MiFi so as to avoid a IP addressing conflict.


Let us know how this works as I believe more people are going to want to do this in the future.

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Re: Using Verizon 3G/4G WiFi Hotspot

Unfortunately, the Verizon MiFi port forwarding screen does not include the option for TCP and UTP port numbers. Instead there is a list of usual servers and a box in which the IP number is entered. I have upgraded the firmware in my Verizon MiFi, enabled DMZ for the static IP of my iPad 2, and I get the same issue described by others: the test site can see and hear me, but I cannot see nor hear them. Any suggtions? Thank you.
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