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iPad RealPresence

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iPad RealPresence

Seems to be a recurring theme here!


I am testing RealPresence Mobile and am not having any success.  I can place a call from the iPad, and accept it on either an HDX-7000, or a VSX-8000.  Either Polycom unit receives audio and video, but the iPad does not.


Assuming it might be a NAT or firewall issue, I attempted with 3G, but had the same results.  FWIW, the Polycom units are not behind a Firewall.


Does this app require CMA or Gatekeeper in order to function?


Has anyone been able to make this work without CMA or Gatekeeper, or some other technology?


Thank you in advance!


-jm (John Madill)

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Re: iPad RealPresence

Try connecting to one of our public Polycom test sites,,  We keep a video running so you should see and hear the farend.

I use these frequently for testing my iPad.

Also be sure Diagnostic mode (basic mode) is not turned on in the HDX.  Also be sure H.264 is not being blocked anywhere in the network

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