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iPad2 RPM & VSX8000 MultiPoint Call


iPad2 RPM & VSX8000 MultiPoint Call

With 3 iPads connected to the VSX8000 in a multipoint call, everything was normal - all 4 units had audio & video.


When more than 3 iPads connected, all the iPads lost video.  Some had the blue screen with the speaker icon, others had a black screen.  Video on the VSX8000 was normal at all times, showing all participants.  Audio was normal for all throughout the call.


BTW, all of the iPads were on their own link.  We were all calling from our homes using WiFi or 3G/4G MiFi.


Is this normal?  Is the XSV8000 unable to host more that 3 others in a call?



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Re: iPad2 RPM & VSX8000 MultiPoint Call

Hello CUTiger78,


You are correct, the VSX 8000 by itself is only capable of hosting a multipoint call of up to four total participants (including the VSX 8000). In order to allow for more than three remote sites you would have to call into a bridge.


Hope this helps,



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Re: iPad2 RPM & VSX8000 MultiPoint Call

Below is from the VSX release notes:


Only a VSX 8000 system that can host a multipoint call

supports H.264 in multipoint calls, and it is limited to 3 video + 1

local conference site. If the conference size increases, the

protocol negotiated is H.263. Once it drops back to a 4-way call

or lower, H.264 is not re-negotiated.


The iPad RealPresence mobile only supports H.264.  This is working as expected.

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Re: iPad2 RPM & VSX8000 MultiPoint Call

Thanks, Rob & Ken.  That explains everything.


BTW, even though we lost video, the VSX8000 did a stellar job in audio only, great sound quality - much better than the free conference call service we were using as a backup.



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Re: iPad2 RPM & VSX8000 MultiPoint Call



I'm having the same problem, but when more than one iPad and/or m100 is calling VSX 7000e for multipoint. If it's just one iPad or one m100 the call does not drop. When another iPad or m100 calls, the devices go to audio only mode and then drop. I called technical support and we tested other Polycom equipment for multipoint calling on our VSX and it worked perfectly. This only happens when I use the m100 and/or iPad for Multipoint.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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