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iPad2 RealPresence and Multipoint call

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iPad2 RealPresence and Multipoint call

I am trying to connect my iPad2 with RealPresence to my Polycom VSX 7000 unit while hosting a multipoint call.  If I do a one-on-one call with the iPad2 and VSX7000, the video goes through and we are able to communicate.  But if I establish a multipoint call with two other locations running Polycom video conference units and then connect with the iPad2, then the host polycom video loses its quad view and the iPad2 screen turns blue with a speaker icon.


How can I connect to a multipoint call? Is it possible to do so? I've tried calling into the host before establishing connections with the other two locations and get the blue screen with speaker icon. Same goes if I first connect to the remote locations then attempt to connect to the iPad2.


Please advise if any settings may need to be adjusted or if I'm doing something wrong.  Thank you.



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Re: iPad2 RealPresence and Multipoint call

It may be possible that the HDX is in Basic Mode (Diagnostic Mode in 3.x versions).  When the iPad shows only the speaker go to the stats icon and see if the Audio Protocol is G.711 and the rate is 64.  This may indicate the above.

It may also indicate that H.264 is being blocked at some point.  

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Re: iPad2 RealPresence and Multipoint call

I am having a similar problem to "Orioles" posting in February... and I note that my Audio Protocol is G.722.1C, rate 48. Video protocol is H.264... how do I tweak the settings to allow video for multipoint calls?



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