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need some help

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need some help

i just installed the polycom app for ipad, yet it keeps asking me for the "polycom CMA server"


do i need to have a server to run this app?

is there any way to run this app without it?

and how do i save the numbers from my recent call list?


please any help is greatly appriciated.





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Re: need some help

Hi Horis,  A login to a MA server is not needed for basic video calls.  If your organization has a CMA server it will allow you to view content that is being presented during a video call. 



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Re: need some help

Also ... the ability to save a new contact from your recent calls list requires registration with a CMA server.

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Re: need some help

For Ipad2, you can use the RealPresence Mobile application without registering to a CMA server. However, to use advanced features such as content receiving, AES, LDAP, and H.460 firewall traversal, you need to register to a CMA



To view recent call list, you don't need to register to a CMA server either.


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Re: need some help

how do I register to a cma server?

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