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Adding a PSTN Participant to a Call

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Adding a PSTN Participant to a Call

The changelog for 5.5.2AC mentions the feature "Adding a PSTN Participant to a Call For RealPresence Trio 8800 systems configured for Office 365/Skype for Business Online, you can add call participants using a PSTN phone line."


Is there any further explanation to this feature? We have a Trio 8800 configured with Hybrid registration, my interpretation of the above is that the software can bridge a call made via a SIP line with a SfB meeting, but I can't see any information on how to enable that.


Have I gotten the wrong idea about what that feature refers to, and it's in fact just a UI element that uses the SfB service to dial out, and requires Cloud Voice and a calling plan assigned?

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Re: Adding a PSTN Participant to a Call

The specific feature you mention allows for you to be able to click the 'Add' button when in an AVMCU call and have the AVMCU dial a PSTN participant.  This in Microsoft terminology was at one point

referred to as PSTN Conferencing, (but now maybe just Audio Conferencing).  It means that you do not have to have Enterprise Voice/Cloud Voice with a Calling Plan enabled on the Skype account that the Trio is registered as.  You do however have to have the PSTN Conferencing/Audio Conferencing entitlement for the user that has hosted the Skype Meeting that the Trio has joined as a presenter.


The functionality that you describe is not supported.  You cannot bridge a Skype line with an open SIP/Generic Line when using the Hybrid Line feature.

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Re: Adding a PSTN Participant to a Call

Thanks Brandon. Good to get some clarification on the feature, I think it was the reference to a PSTN line that threw me, but it's talking about the user being added to the conference being a PSTN user.


I can stop looking for a feature that isn't there now :)

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