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BToE pairing help

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BToE pairing help

Hi All


Got a new PC and I am trying to pair the BToE app with my phone.


Just installed BToE Connector 3.8 on a Win10 box.  Normally the phone auto pairs (in Win7 it did this fine), but I can't get this to pair now.


I tried to manually pair but the phone gives me a 6 digit pairing code and the connector wants 8 digits before the pair button is available.


Now there is a chance that the phone software is not supported in this version, but I can't find that on the phone to check.  I'm assuming I need version 5.8.0 and above.


Please correct me if I am wrong and point me in the right directon for finding this info and how to solve it.





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Re: BToE pairing help

Hi @Znelbok,


do you have access to phone´s UI? Else you´ll have to enable Web-Configuration on your phone.


After that, enter UI and make an update to proper firmware.


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