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CX300 R2 Support for Microsoft Teams

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Re: CX300 R2 Support for Microsoft Teams

Dear @SteffenBaierUK,


If I would not be frustrated with this situation and the Polycom way of handling this, I would maybe even be amused by your answer.


You are saying that Polycom cannot do anything and that your customers have to sort this out with Microsoft themselves.


From my point of view, you let your customers down. Of course you could do something and protect the investment of your customers by lobbying at Microsoft instead of giving the responsibility to the customers. Why would I buy any time again from Polycom, knowing that you don't fight for your customers? Of course "we" are the end-customers, but you are a Microsoft customer as well in this sense (and one with bigger mass and power) as a representative of your customers.


And the above is not the only thing you can do as Polycom. There are also possiblities of technical solutoins, e.g. providing a middleware software that can be the logic between OCS/Lync/SfB Interface and Teams Interface. A virtual device that implements the Teams inteface but provides the old interface towards the CX300.


Kind regards,



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Re: CX300 R2 Support for Microsoft Teams

Hello @Chris80 ,


welcome to the Poly Community.


Again I am unable to state more than what I actually already have. Nothing on our end has changed on this Microsoft developed Device.


The "Client" you are using the device with has changed and therefore the Client supplier aka Microsoft needs to make a change to ensure compatibility.


We, Poly, cannot start to attempt and provide an interface between our working device and the nonworking client as we, Poly, would have to take responsibility and ensure this works in every OS and different languages etc. as well.


Unfortunately, your login credentials will not allow me to identify the organisation you work for and as you have not provided us with any details if you have 1 device or a 1000 or purchased this last month or 6 years ago I cannot even forward your complaint to a Poly sales engineer.


What would you do with a Printer or a Scanner that is no longer supported by the Operating System?

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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