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Can Trio 8800 (with Video) be a standard SIP phone (non-O365) and connect to Office 365 (non-PBX)?

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Can Trio 8800 (with Video) be a standard SIP phone (non-O365) and connect to Office 365 (non-PBX)?

I'm currently evaluating Trio 8800, Visual+ and EagleEye IV for a customer. I was not yet able to get a hands-on on those devices. However, I have read all I could find and watched plenty of explanatory videos.


Yet, I still have questions and I hope you can give me straight answers. 


My customer wants to have a video conferencing solution to connect internal and external participants, but also use the same solution for normal phone conferences with his SIP PBX (Swisscom Cloud). He might occasionally use Zoom as a participant, but mostly want to host video conferencing meetings with Office 365 for internal users, and external users not having Office 365 accounts (using web client). He does not have an Office 365 PBX, nor Direct Connect. Microsoft Teams is just used as the successor of Skype for Business (S4B) for internal communication, not using all the other features (so far).


I think that a Trio 8800 in native mode, together with the Visual+ box and EagleEye IV would be perfect for this, but I came across some questions which I cannot answer by reading the available documentation. My distributor was also not able to give me clear answers.


Now my questions:

  • In "native mode", Trio 8800 provides connections to normal SIP accounts beside Skype for Business with "profiles". Since Skype for Business is being depreciated and replaced with Teams, is the same setup still possible? 
  • With Teams replacing S4B, can I setup the Trio 8800 still in a way that allows a person to enter the conference room and select the meeting he wants to attend from a calendar, without having to login to his own Office 365 account?
  • I assume that if I would activate the Teams Client on the Trio 8800, I would not be able to still connect as a normal phone to the customer SIP PBX? That is, as soon as the Teams client is active, it is just a Teams client and nothing else? Correct?
  • The decriptions I have found and read, concentrate on using Trio 8800 as a full Teams client (in Teams mode), or as a full Office 365/S4B user (in native mode). I would have guessed that I therefore need to change the Office 365 resource "Meeting Room" into a licensed user called "Meeting Room". Correct?


Although I found lots of documentation, I did not find a comprehensive description on how a administrator could configure Office 365 to allow simple use of the Trio solution by the user.

Traditionally, a conference room is just a resource that a user reserves for his meeting. Such a room is not a user and can therefore not "attend" to meeting. Is Trio therefore setup as a user? 

The concept puzzles me a bit. But perhaps there is a description I have not found yet..


Thanks for your help




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Re: Can Trio 8800 (with Video) be a standard SIP phone (non-O365) and connect to Office 365 (non-PBX

Hello @DanHu ,


Welcome to the Poly Community.

A Poly reseller in your country will be able to answer all your questions.


A quick reply to your questions:


  1. A Trio, in Hybrid mode, must have Skype for Business on Line 1 but can have additional SIP servers or Zoom or BlueJeans or WebEx on other lines. This will pair with a Visual+/VisualPro

  2. Once the Trio is in Teams mode you can only use Teams and not pair with a Visual+/VisualPro. No other lines are possible. A phone would be usually logged into an account already displaying the meetings. A user could log out of a shared account and log into their own account to join a meeting but this would not be great user experience.

  3. See 2.

  4. Not to sure on the Microsoft analogy of what type of account to use.

Poly offers a free RealConnect for Teams service up until June 2020 which enables users to use their Trio with Teams.


Again all this can be answered by working with a Poly reseller.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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