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Disable digit map timeout when exact match is reached...

Disable digit map timeout when exact match is reached...


With some of the older Polycoms, or perhaps even VVX set up as a generic SIP phone, it was possible to remove the timeout when a direct match against the digit map was seen.  For example, if we entered the following as a digit map [2‐9]11|0T|011xxx.T and then dialed 911, we didn't have to wait for the timeout, the call was just made.  


Is there something similar on the Lync base profile side?  I know we can increase the timeout with dialplan.1.lyncdigitmap.timeout but I want to eliminate it if a dialplan match is found, but keep the timeout if we don't have a match and the user is still dialing.


Is this possible?

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Re: Disable digit map timeout when exact match is reached...

Hello AnthonyCaragol,

welcome back to the Polycom Community.

The LYNC server pushes the LYNC dialplan to the phone.


This configuration will not automatically send the string to the server but will wait for the user to press send.


  • On-hook dialing
  • dialplan.userDial.timeOut="0" 

    Off-hook dialing:

This configuration example will automatically send the string to the server after 5 seconds in inactivity.


  • On-hook dialing

Off-hook dialing:



Another example could be to disable the LYNC provided dialplan and simply create your own:


<test dialplan.digitmap="RR+4431420R[6]xxx|x.T" reg.1.applyServerDigitMapLocally="1"/>

In the above example a Customer wanted to send teh full E.164 number for any internal extensions that start with 6 and have 4 digits and the rest is not formatted.


This post => here <= has more examples you can utilize for your emergency number.

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Steffen Baier

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Re: Disable digit map timeout when exact match is reached...

Thank you!  I will try that.

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Re: Disable digit map timeout when exact match is reached...

I tried creating my own digitmap and the timeout is the same.  So perhaps I misunderstood, what do you mean "to disable the LYNC provided dialplan".  Do you mean not have one on the Lync server or should that somehow disable the phone from using the Lync dialplan?

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