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Explanation needed for the below logs

Explanation needed for the below logs



Could anyone be kind enough to explain me the below log messages received in trio 8800, where we have version


0410144020|sip |4|00|[CStkCccp::getMedSessHdl] no MedSessHdl found. AVMCU(0x41544be4) m_hUI(0x0) AppShare(0x0) m_hUI(0x0)
0410144020|so |4|00|[SoNcasC]: - inuseCalls value:0 will <0 [poolIx]:1
0410144020|so |4|00|[SoNcasC]: - inuseCalls value:0 will <0 [userIx]:0
0410144020|app1 |4|00|Failed to acquire roster data in AppUiC::generateRosterView()
0410144020|app1 |4|00|AppHybridC::procLclMsg conference call, increasing watchdogTimeOut to 20000
0410144103|pgui |4|00|[CEwsContactsSyncService::processItemsResponse]Error occurred for contacts info request .Response code = 152


Aravind S

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Re: Explanation needed for the below logs

Hello @Aravindhan srinivasan ,

welcome back to the Polycom community.

Some or a couple of your old post(s) or reply(s) to them => here <= are still open / pending as you have not marked these as "Accept as a solution" or at least provided some form of feedback or answer.



If they are in this state nobody finding them via a community search will know if an answer or advice provided was useful and has maybe helped you.

Could you therefore kindly go over them and mark or answer as appropriate ?

If they are marked as "Accept as a solution" other users can find these easier and it helps them to utilise the community more efficiently. Please do not simply mark them without any type of feedback.


Did you for example follow this up with Poly Support as advised?


For your next issue we do not have enough information to guess in what kind of scenario this log file was generated.


Usually log consumption is not meant for end customers / users as only Poly support can interpret them.


For this we require exact details under what circumstances these logs have been created. This is not something we can do via the medium of a community forum.


Please provide basic details as what type of Skype for Business server was used and under what circumstances the log entry was created so other community members can try and help you.


If this all fails please work with Poly support.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: Explanation needed for the below logs



I've received the logs from a trio device, when it has been involved in a skype conference session. I couldn't understand what's the meaning of this messages. After this message RTP media was missing and only content sharing was working fine.


We are in skype for business 2015 environment.


If no one was not able to answer this, then i would get in touch with poly support for the explanation.



Aravind S

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