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[FAQ] Hot Desking

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[FAQ] Hot Desking

Hot Desking

Polycom UC Software allow users to sign-in on to the host phone or a common area phone as a guest user using Hot-Desking feature.


When this feature is configured on the Skype for Business server and configuration parameter is enabled, a Guest soft key displays on the phone user interface.


The guest user can sign-in to the host phone by pressing the Guest soft key followed by one of the signin methods:


  • User ID
  • Pin Authentication
  • Via PC
  • Online Web Sign-In


The following parameter configures host desking:


  • feature.HotDesking.enabled


Once the User is signed out you are presented with the sign in screen




  • Hot Desking feature is enabled by default on the phone.

  • However, the user can also enable or disable the feature from phone's user interface. If the user disables the hot desking feature from phone's user interface irrespective whether the feature is enabled through in-band provisioning, the feature gets disabled.

  • When you enable this feature, a Guest soft key is displayed on the phone's screen


Guest Sign out


  • Guest User Signed out either by
    Upon pressing ‘signout’ softkey
  • Automatically
    After being Idle for Hot Desking Time out set by Admin on SfB server

Guest User is Informed about the hot desking idle time out count-down notification.


Original device owner/Host User signed back automatically either upon 


  • Expiry of Hot Desking Idle Timeout
  • User manually Signed Out

All the Host User Specific data is restored. (E.g. Exchange, Call logs and Contacts)




Microsoft End to enable the Hot-desking feature on the server


  • Set-CsClientPolicy -Identity “SharedPhonePolicy" - EnableHotdesking $True


Hot Desking – Unsupported Features:


  • Hot-Desking host user can not sign-n with O365 (at present)
  • Hot-Desking User sign-in from Web UI.
  • Hot-Desking User sign-in from Config file.
  • Hot-Desking user Feature Interaction
  • Hot-Desking Timeout audible alert.
  • Hot-Desking for VDI.

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