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[FAQ] RealPresence Trio removing Meeting Details from a Private Meeting

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[FAQ] RealPresence Trio removing Meeting Details from a Private Meeting

RealPresence Trio removing Meeting Details from a Private Meeting


The RealPresence Trio has the capability to remove certain details from a Meeting that was marked as Private




The following Configuration is the Factory Default and can be changed to suit your organisation:


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Change the way Exchange Calendar Meeting Displays are shown -->
<!-- Possible values are 0 or 1 Default is shown below -->
<!-- exchange.meeting.private.enabled 			Enable / Disable the privacy feature-->
<!-- exchange.meeting.private.promptForPIN		1	Prompt for a PIN 					-->
<!-- exchange.meeting.private.showAttendees		0	Show Attendees						-->
<!-- exchange.meeting.private.showDescription	0	Show the Meeting Description		-->
<!-- exchange.meeting.private.showLocation		0	Show the Meeting Location			-->
<!-- exchange.meeting.private.showMoreActions	1	Show the Meeting More Actions		-->
<!-- exchange.meeting.private.showOrganizer		1	Show the Meeting Organizer			-->
<!-- exchange.meeting.private.showSubject	 	0	Show the Meeting Subject				-->
<test exchange.meeting.private.enabled="1"
	exchange.meeting.private.showSubject="0" />

The attached configuration can be utilized to set the relevant settings to suit your organisation.


Simply download, unzip the file, edit with an Editor like Notepad++ and then import as shown => here <=


Trio UI Example:




Visual+ UI Example:




Should this fail please check Exchange as explained => here <=

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