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Flexible Line Key Customization - 5.8.x release

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Flexible Line Key Customization - 5.8.x release

I have been using FLK on a VVX expansion module since 5.7.x without issue on both VVX 411 and 601 phones. I have been able to update the mac-sipurl.csv file and update as required and by disabling 'Customize Line Keys' and enabling again, it will pull the updates from my RPRM server. 


We've since moved into the 5.8.x releases, and the upgrades have kept the existing FLK mappings in place. 


I had to make a change to an existing mac-sipurl.csv file to change a few line key mappings, and after doing so, the expansion module is blank. 


I can manually add a mapping using the Expansion Module Line Key option and searching for my Skype for Business contacts to assign to each key. I downloaded the file created off the RPRM server to confirm that the syntax hasn't changed. Nothing new in the syntax that I can see that would cause this feature to stop working. 


CSV format: 




This should fill out the top left key on the expansion module. 


I rolled a phone back to and was able to pull the file required to fill out the expansion module. Upgrading to retains the line mapping I put in place when I rolled back to 


Any changes to this file and importing back to the phone blanks out all line key mappings. 


As we know, 5.7.x required BToE, and now when I am at 5.8.x, BToE is required. 


Rolling back the phone to fix this issue will be service impacting when pairing. 

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Re: Flexible Line Key Customization - 5.8.x release

Hello @SR_MCSE,


welcome back to the Polycom Community.


I had a similar report but as usual we need logs etc.


Please raise this with your reseller and quote 1-10856346117 / EN-112876

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Re: Flexible Line Key Customization - 5.8.x release

Is there a specific item you need set to debug for collection? 

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Re: Flexible Line Key Customization - 5.8.x release

I've been told that that 5.8 introduced a new directory macro for storing those files, called FLK_DIRECTORY. That works great if you're still using an HTTP/FTP based provisioning server and you can create the new folder structure. 


Since I am using RPRM 10.4 to manage my phones, I'm not sure what I can do next. The CSV files have been kept in Phone Management > Resource Files. 


It doesn't look like RPRM has caught up to this new feature yet. 

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Re: Flexible Line Key Customization - 5.8.x release

I stand corrected ... FLK .csv files for phones running 5.8.x are no longer referencing the Resource Files location in RPRM. The FLK_Directory is the new location for these files. 


Instead, you need to upload the file directly to the phone you want to have the customized line keys. 


Page 384 in 10.4 Operations Guide speaks to the new directory. 




Find the phone you need to update, go to MORE and then choose Upload Phone File. Choose the FLK Directory and upload your MAC-SIPRUI.csv file. 


It then shows up under Display > Others. 


On the phone go Settings > Features > Line Key Customization and then toggle to Disabled and then back Enabled. The FLK items then are displayed correctly. 


If you need to change these options, delete the file from Display > Others first, upload the new file and toggle to Disabled and Enabled again. 

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