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MSR 300 - is it possible to use with other platforms than Skype seamless?

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MSR 300 - is it possible to use with other platforms than Skype seamless?



My first post here, and I'm not that experienced with conference solutions (yet), so please be patient with me.


I had to replace the hardware in our conference rooms and since my budget was tight and the whole company was using Skype, MSR 300 seemed like the perfect solution.


After a short while my company was acquired by an international company that use BlueJeans and Zoom, and out of the blue a number of new clients would like to have video conferences with systems like Webex. Due to quite strict network/firewall/proxy policies imposed by our former owner, I had to install a separate fiber line to the conference rooms and set up to separate Office 365-accounts. We had no previous experience with systems like this, and outsourced user support years ago.


Nothing works as it should at the moment. I have to go in to admin-mode and open Windows 10 to launch web based plugins for ex. Webex (this morning). Several of the other conference software providers require the URI to be ex. and Skype does not figure that out. Our new owner would like us to have dedicated Zoom rooms, and to do that I have to buy separate mini-pc's to use the Surface in the MSR bundle as a room controller. People complain and I don't have time to do my job.



Is there any way I could make the Skype Room client to use any system provided in the meeting invitation or replace the software on the surface to make it more flexible?


Replacing the hardware is currently not an option since I'm way over budget months ago.

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Re: MSR 300 - is it possible to use with other platforms than Skype seamless?

Unfortunately this is not possible in any officially supported capacity as the MSR platform runs the Skype Room System platform which is only works with Skype for Business and soon Microsoft Teams meetings.


The MSR is equipped with a standard Surface Pro (5th gen) unit though so you could just wipe it and install your own Windows 10 installation to turn it into a Zoom room PC without having to purchase a new PC for the room.  But then you'll lose the simple Skype Room System experience, as well as any support on that product.


Another more viable option would be to dtich the MSR dock and simply use the Polycom Trio 8800 by itself by adding the low-cost Visual+ module to it.  Then the Trio can control the camera directly and connect to a single display in the room.  The Trio software supports joining meetings on multiple platforms (like Skype and Zoom) using One Touch Dial.


Jeff Schertz - Microsoft Solutions Architect [Blog]
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Re: MSR 300 - is it possible to use with other platforms than Skype seamless?





If I try to convert it to a Zoom room, will the dock functionality remain or is it dependant of the Skype Room software? Another option could just be to disable the startup with the Skype user and create a kiosk mode that launch the appropriate app, if I could just find out how I disable it..



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