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Microsoft Teams IVR & Queue - VVX Phone

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Microsoft Teams IVR & Queue - VVX Phone

Dear Community,


I would like share an issue with you in an Microsoft Teams environnment.


In Teams Only mode, I meet the following issue : I can not to answer a call comming from a Teams Call Queue using a VVX Phone (test only with VVX 401).

I can reproduce the problem at 100% either the lastest release 5.9 or 5.6 (O365 release).

  • The calls is correctly routed to the phone through Teams Call Queue
  • The phone is ringing
  • We try to answer the call and it seems to be connected few moment
  • But the VVX phone seems hang up and the call is again routed on the phone
  • And it loops ...

Note : The is any problem in basic calls scenarios. I mean incoming DDI call or a the outgoing call using dialpad. Moreover I came back in Islands mode or SFB Only mode too, no problem is this scenario too.


Thanks for your help




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Re: Microsoft Teams IVR & Queue - VVX Phone

  • Answer from a consultant Polycom :

When users upgrade to Teams, Call Queues will work via the native Teams IP phones. We do not support it today on Skype for Business IP phones.




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