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Polycom VVX 500 Call Logs Unavailable Skype for Business


Polycom VVX 500 Call Logs Unavailable Skype for Business

We are Office 365 Skype for Business subscribers. The VVX 500 is able to communicate with Office 365, make and receive phone calls, and pretty much perform all the functions we would expect.




There is a red icon at the top right of the screen (Warning), and the diagnostics states "Call logs are unavailable". It's rather annoying, and I'd rather not just ignore a warning, especially if something is configured incorrectly. What is this error checking? How is it corrected?


I will back up and say that I did contact Polycom phone support initially, and the steps they had given me to "clear" the warning message, are a very temporary fix, and stated this issue was with the service provider, Microsoft, which it very may be. So I contacted Microsoft Office 365 support, and we established Unified Messaging, created a dial plan, and applied the dial plan to the user. This was suppose to alleviate the "service provider" being the issue, but it has not as the warning still exists.


Before posting this I did a search here in the forum and came up with this link: Similar Issue on Call Logs - Non Skype for Business.  The highlight of that posting was:


Feature feature.exchangeCallLog.enabled is for LYNC only to my knowledge as the call logs are synchronized between the LYNC server, Clients and our phones.


Please set this to feature.exchangeCallLog.enabled="0" instead.


I will attach the configuration, but this line item definitely does not exist. Is this a bug, how can this be cleared? I definitely see "Call Logs" by using the time icon in the top right of the screen.


Phone Software v5.6.0.17325


Re: Polycom VVX 500 Call Logs Unavailable Skype for Business

I realized I probably needed to include the pbu file


Re: Polycom VVX 500 Call Logs Unavailable Skype for Business

Well in the link I posted in the first document, that ended up getting rid of the flashing triangle icon. This seems to be a hard turn off for the feature, and may not be a complete fix. To me there is a limitation or something is not communicationg between Office 365 and the Polycom phone. I don't know how much this feature would be really used, but there is no way for me to really tell.


So for those looking to get rid of this error. Back up your phone configuration with the Web UI and save it to your computer. It'll be a zip file, extract it and open up the .pbu file in an edittor of some kind. I like Notepad++, but Notepad might just work the same. Under where it says <WEB you will need to add the following line: feature.exchangeCallLog.enabled="0" then save the file. You might see the line item feature.deviceLock.enable="0" under <WEB, and I just put it under that line, but I'm not sure it matters so much, but I try to follow putting the feature. line with another .feature line. Once the file is saved, restore your phone in the WEB UI. Phone should reboot on it's own. You should notice the error go away, I know initially that the error doesn't come up automatically when that feature turn off is not in the config (backup) file, however this should be gone now. If you still see the error after uploading, you may need to manually reboot the phone.

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Re: Polycom VVX 500 Call Logs Unavailable Skype for Business

Hello nathanv,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

Would the correct approach not be trying to identify the root cause of the issue rather than disabling a Exchange setting?


I am not aware that we need to disable anything using an official Office 365 account utilizing any of our phones.


Please raise a ticket with support.

In order to raise a support ticket you need to work with your Polycom reseller as they need to do this for you. End Customer cannot open a ticket with Polycom directly.

If this is some sort of an Internet discounter please post either your phone's MAC address or your Polycom devices serial so I can look up who would be able to support you. This may not be who you purchased the Polycom device from.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

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Re: Polycom VVX 500 Call Logs Unavailable Skype for Business

To elaborate on your concerns:


Would the correct approach not be trying to identify the root cause of the issue rather than disabling a Exchange setting?

I have tried with Polycom, but a lot more with Microsoft. Microsoft claims that we have all the correct settings after diagnosis on that side of the house. I posted here, because if Microsoft is claiming everything ok on the Microsoft side, then good chance it is within the phone itself. I am not a Polycom Engineer, so I raised the concern here. 


At this time, the phone and what appears to be "call logs" work just fine. There is no error in the serivce or functionality, it's just an annoyance. If this ends up being a problem down the road we will work a ticket, but I can't see any reduced functionality.

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