SfB on-premise and Calendar from O365

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SfB on-premise and Calendar from O365


Is it and how it is possible to use a mixed configuration? (VVX500/600 UC 5.4.x 5.6.x)


Outlook, Calendar and Voicemail are on O365 (Test/Pilot Phase), SfB is on-premise local servers.

What must i configure to connect right to the Exchangeserver without logonissues?

SfB want the Logon with SIP Address and Domain\Useraccount and O365 using the Mailaddress.

Or is it only possible to use all together in a nativ system (all on O365 or all on lokal servers)?



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Re: SfB on-premise and Calendar from O365

Your sign-in address should be your O365 address. (UPN)

Your user account sign in should be your AD signon name (SAM account)


this will tie Calendaring to O365 and use Onprem for Skype.

We had this setup for our Group Series before they were O365 certified. We tested it with the Trio's as well -- for testing's sake.

 Hope this helps.



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