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Sharing performance MacOS SfB to Trio?

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Sharing performance MacOS SfB to Trio?

Hi Everyone,


I am experiencing weird issues when sharing the screen from MacOS (ver 10.12.3) Skype for Business 2016 (ver. 16.8.196) to Polycom Trio 8800 with software (also the same issue with 


The scenario is:

  1. call the Trio from SfB Mac (audio or video, does not matter)
  2. Share the screen from SfB Mac
  3. open a powerpoint presentation
  4. turn on hte slide Show
  5. flip the slides one by one

I am aware of the performance supported by the Trio (5 fps maximum), but here we have a case of 5 slides going fine and then transition from 5th to 6th slide takes 15, 20 or 30 seconds in some cases. This then continues with rest of the slides until I disconnect from the Trio and start again, and then after some slides it happens again.


I have also tried factory resetting the device, and using a brand new device but the behaviour is the same.


Its puzzling as this does not seem to happen when shared from a Windows machine.


Anyone have any insight as to why this would happen?

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Re: Sharing performance MacOS SfB to Trio?

Additional information:


From additional tests it seems that this extreme slowdown only happens when presenting PowerPoint Slideshow (PowerPoint 2016 or PowerPoint Online) and if you use only the keyboard to flip slides. Once you use the mouse to flip slides it works okay.


Seems like an either bug in Polycom Trio software or Skype for Business for Mac 2016.


Also found the following in release notes under known limitations:

Skype for Business and Lync 2013

The following is a list of constraints and limitations when using RealPresence Trio solution in a Microsoft

Skype for Business or Lync 2013 environment:

  • Content presentation with Skype for Business 2016 on Mac client


Can someone from Polycom elaborate on what is meant by "Content presentation"?

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Re: Sharing performance MacOS SfB to Trio?

In the end it seems that Sharing Content from a Mac via the IM session is a known bug in Skype for Business for Mac and is listed in Microsoft's known issues thread for this client. Trio seems to be affected.


A workaround is to place an audio or audio-video call to the Trio from SfB Mac and then Share the content.

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