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[Software] BToE 3.7.0

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[Software] BToE 3.7.0

Hello all,


we have released the BToE 3.7.0


New Features:


The Polycom BToE Connector application 3.7.0 now supports following:


  • BToE support in Citrix XenDesktop VDI Environment

  • VDI Session Management for pairing and unpairing

    You can pair and unpair the VVX business media phone with the BToE application installed in a Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). When the VDI session is closed or disconnected, the phone automatically unpairs with the BToE application. The VVX business media phone re-pairs when the session is started provided the cached passcode is not changed.

  • Manual Pairing support without PC Port Dependency

    Polycom UC Software 5.7.0 now allows you to manually pair the Skype for Business-enabled phone to the BToE application installed on your computer using a wired or wireless network. This means you are no longer required to connect the Ethernet cable from your computer to the PC port on your phone to enable the manual pairing feature. When the phone is set to manually pair with your network connected computer, the phone generates a pairing code that you must enter into the Polycom BToE Connector application to pair.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) support for Playback Session over wired network

    VVX phones can set the Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) value for BToE media playback sessions by creating a Group Policy on a computer configured with BToE.


Procedure to manually pair:


1. Do one of the following:


  • On your phone's Home screen, select BToE.
  • On your phone, navigate to Settings > Features > BToE PC Pairing.
  • On your phone, select Sign In or navigate to Settings > Features > Skype for Business > Sign In and select via PC.

2. Select Pairing Mode then select Manual.

A pairing code displays. For example,459368



3. On your computer, click the Polycom BToE Connector desktop icon to start the application.

4. Right-click the application icon and click Pair with Phone.



5. Enter the pairing code shown on the phone into the notification on your computer then click Pair. The application attempts to pair with the phone. If the pairing code was entered correctly, a dialog box indicating that the computer has successfully paired with the phone displays on your computer. If the phone is registered before pairing, the dialog box displays the phone registration instead of the IP and MAC addresses.


6. If the phone is not registered, enter your login credentials into the dialog displayed on your computer. The message “Activated” is displayed on your phone and the BToE icon is displayed on the status bar.


When your phone is paired with the Skype for Business client on your computer, the message “Paired” is displayed on your phone, and the BToE Mode icon is displayed in the system tray on your computer

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