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[Software] UC Software 5.4.5 Rev G and 5.5.1 Rev E

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[Software] UC Software 5.4.5 Rev G and 5.5.1 Rev E

Hello all,


just a quick information that we have uploaded an updated release for:


  • 5.4.5 Rev G (
  • 5.5.1 Rev E (



5.4.5 Rev G ( - This release provides important fixes on top of the previous release.


The following issues are resolved:


  • Voip-123306: Phone will ring correctly for BLF monitored lines when incoming ringing call is terminated.
  • Voip-123510 Speed Dials and BLFs displayed correctly on EM after configuration update through phone menu.
  • Voip-123308 Phone will only respond to signaling originating from known sources.
  • Voip-123307 GuestIn button will appear correctly when 403 and 200 messages are returned in different order.
  • Voip-123335 Correct softkeys appear when Hotleing is enabled on the phone and the server responds with an error code.

5.5.1 Rev E ( - This release provides important fixes on top of the previous release.


Fixed all the below mentioned issues:

  • VOIP-123320 Phone does not ring for the Busy Lamp Field (BLF) monitored line when incoming call to phone is terminated.
  • VOIP-123053 Exchange URL was not configured and shows an error message..
  • VOIP-123319 Phone rejects signaling from an unregistered source even with the parameter onlySignalWithRegistered enabled.
  • VOIP-123415 If feature Hoteling is enabled, phone does not display the appropriate softkeys when it receives any error code from the server.
  • VOIP-123416 When the user presses the GuestOut soft key the first time after the hoteling event SUBSCRIBE expires, the user is not getting signed out and phone displays "Service Unavailable".
  • VOIP-123511 The Expansion Module (EM) do not display some speed dial and Busy Lamp Field ( BLF) contacts after configuration update through the phone menu when the configuration consists of more than 20 registrations and 300 speed dial contacts.

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