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[Software] VVX UC Software

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[Software] VVX UC Software

Product Announcement:           


UC Software maintenance release and release notes are now published

on the Polycom Support web page.


What is included in this release?     


Customer escalation fixes and bug fixes. Please have a look at the Release Notes.


Upgrade key required?   No


What is available on the Support Website now?

  • UC Software for Open SIP and SfB in Split, Combined and CAB files
  • Release Notes for 5.6.3  [PDF]

New Features and Enhancements:

Polycom UC Software 5.6.3 includes the following enhancement.

New Directives to Upload and Download the Certificate and CSV files

VVX business media phone restricts the upload of certificate and CSV files only to the provisioning server root directory which causes RPRM provisioning server failure. To overcome this and allow the upload and download of certificate and CSV files to a user specified location, UC Software 5.6.3 has introduced the following directives in the master configuration file (000000000000.cfg) which can be placed in a user specified location:

  1. CERTIFICATE_DIRECTORY - This directory is used to upload the certificate file with extensions such as .csr and .pem (private key), for example, <mac>.csr and <mac>-privatekey.pem that is generated by the VVX business media phone by using CSR generation process. This directory is also used to download the certificate file with extensions such as .crt, .key, and .pac from a user specified location.

  2. FLK_DIRECTORY - This directory is used to upload or download the CSV file, for example,
    <MAC>-<sign-in address>.csv to the user specified location in Skype for Business Flexible Line Key assignment.

A new Paramater:


up.answerCall.listOrder Defines the order to answer a call upon pressing speaker button on the phone. LIFO (default), FIFO, LIFO stands for Last-In, First-Out. FIFO stands for First-In, First-Out.

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