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[Software] VVX UC Software 5.9.0

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[Software] VVX UC Software 5.9.0

Hello all,


we just released VVX UC Software


What’s New

Polycom Unified Communications (UC) Software 5.9.0 is a release for Open SIP and Skype for Business on-premise deployments. These release notes provide important information on software updates, phone features, and known issues.



Future Feature Releases For VVX Business Media Phones

With the end of sale of some models of VVX business media phones, the following phone models will no longer receive new features:

● VVX 300/310
● VVX 400/410
● VVX 500
● VVX 600
● VVX 1500

As a result, UC Software 5.9.0 will be the last release to contain significant feature development for these models. Future major feature releases will not include images to support these models. In line with the Polycom End of Life policy, Polycom will continue to provide bug fixes in maintenance and patch releases on the UC Software 5.9.x stream. For details, see the Polycom End of Life Policy.


Plantronics headsets are compatible with VVX phones. To know compatibility list, refer to the Plantronics Compatibility Guide.


Polycom UC Software 5.9.0 supports the following Polycom accessories.

Accessories Support



Skype for Business

Open SIP

Polycom® VVX® Camera



Polycom® VVX® Color Expansion Module



Polycom® VVX® Expansion Module



Polycom® EagleEye Mini Camera



Polycom® VVX® EM 50 Expansion Module  




Polycom UC Software 5.9.0 includes the following new features and enhancements:

● Session Traversal Utilities for NAT (STUN)
● Device Analytics Support for PDMS-SP
● Multilevel Precedence and Preemption (MLPP) for Assured Services - Session Initiation Protocol (AS-SIP) On Shared Lines
● Support for H.264 Packetization Mode 1 and H.264 Constrained Baseline Profile

● Enhanced Busy Lamp Field (BLF)
● Busy Lamp Field Hold Alerting
● Busy Lamp Field(BLF) Spontaneous Call Appearance on Per BLF Basis
● Enhanced Feature Key Macro Actions
● Retrieve Logs from Support Information Package Page in the Web Configuration Utility
Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol
● Privacy for Call Logs and Contacts
● Enhancement to Wireless Network Connectivity
● Call Hold Timer
● GZIP Encoding of SIP INFO Messages
● Enhanced Boss-Admin for VVX Phones


Enable the Feature either on the Phone via Menu => Settings => Advanced => Administrator Settings => Enhanced Boss-Admin:


or via configuration:

<test up.enhancedBossAdmin="1"/>


In order to add/remove delegates simply press the Forward Key


Select the Skype for Business line


Choose "Edit Delegates"



Add the Delegate


Search for the Delegate to add


A new Icon symbolises the Boss-Admin

● Web Sign In for Skype for Business On-Premise Deployment

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