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Trio 8800 SfB 2015 video failing

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Trio 8800 SfB 2015 video failing

Trio 8800 w/ visual + signed into on prem lync 2015 server unable to start video when joined into call. User is able to do audio without issue and gets video locally before starting a conference call. When trying to start a video call site just defaults to grey screen background with name of far site. 


Can someone let me know if this is a SfB setup issue? The environment is mixed with Lync 2010 and SfB 365 but so far haven't been able to succesfully launch video on any calls.


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Re: Trio 8800 SfB 2015 video failing

related- logs from call that are looking like an error

1208095240|app1 |5|00|[cccpScheduledMeetingJoin] Input Link(;gruu;opaque=app:conf:focus:id:G1BWGJJY?conversation-id=zY573JoBWP9W;subject=test call) Output Url(;;gruu;opaque=app:conf:focus:id:G1BWGJJY?conversation-id=zY573JoBWP9W;subject=test call) isCallLogRejoin(0)
1208095243|so   |5|00|soStreamNetDisc ERROR - Cannot remove ICE RTP channel
1208095243|so   |5|00|soStreamNetDisc ERROR - Cannot remove ICE RTCP channel
1208095243|so   |5|00|soStreamNetDisc ERROR - Cannot remove ICE RTP channel
1208095243|so   |5|00|soStreamNetDisc ERROR - Cannot remove ICE RTCP channel
1208095243|pec  |4|00|utilPecServerSend: error 22 HTTP response code said error for message
1208095245|so   |4|00|soStream: RTCP PacketLength extends past end of buffer. Type=165 PLen-4=113260 Pos=36 BLen=43
1208095245|so   |4|00|soStream: RTCP PacketLength extends past end of buffer. Type=51 PLen-4=176288 Pos=32 BLen=103


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Re: Trio 8800 SfB 2015 video failing

Hello steve from accounting,

welcome back to the Polycom Community.

I had a quick look internally but cannot really find anything matching the log snippet you posted.


I suggest you get this into support.

In order to raise a support ticket you need to work with your Polycom reseller as they need to do this for you.

If this is some sort of an Internet discounter please post your phone's MAC address so I can look up who would be able to support you.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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You are welcome to post more questions or configuration or logs for other community members to look at but if your issue requires a fix via Polycom you must go via the official support structure.

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Re: Trio 8800 SfB 2015 video failing

I ran across two issues with the Visual+ that you might want to consider.  First I learned that cheap HDMI cables cause problems.  The HDMI cable that the Visual+ comes with should be used.  If you need to buy a longer HDMI cable then you must pay attention to length and quality.  I learned there are different versions of HDMI, and they are not all made the same.  The initial HDMI cable I used that caused problems as an Amazon Basics brand.  Second I have learned that the Logitech 930e cameras must be upgraded to thier latest firmware.  I tried using a 930e purchased a year ago and ran into strange issues.  Upgrading the firmware resolved them.  In addition I learned using a USB extensiton cable can be problematic, and if you must extend the USB cable connected to the webcam it must be an 'active repeater' type USB extension cable.  Good luck!  -mark

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Re: Trio 8800 SfB 2015 video failing

Thanks. currently have ticket in progress. will update afterwards

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Re: Trio 8800 SfB 2015 video failing

Ran into a similar issues and found it to be the SfB config.  My organization did not have video enabled for users in Skype due to bandwidth limitations.  The following worked on an on-prem deployment and I'm unsure if this applies to O365.


Check the following conferencing policy for your users creating the Skype invites.



Indicates whether or not computer video is allowed in the meeting. The default value is True.

This setting applies to the user who organizes the conference: if set to False, no conference created by a user affected by this policy will allow IP video. However, the user can take part in other conferences where IP video is allowed.



If True, users will be able to take part in peer-to-peer video communication sessions. The default value is False.

This setting is enforced at the per-user level. That means that one user in a peer-to-peer communication session might be allowed to use video while the other user is not.


Pulled from:


The compromise we made was to set AllowIPVideo to true for all users and then set EnableP2PVideo to true for the Trios only.  This makes it so two rooms with Trios can connect and see video but individual users can not.


It is an imperfect solution but allowed us to get up and running while the bandwidth limitation is sorted out by the network group. 

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Re: Trio 8800 SfB 2015 video failing

We are also seeing similar errors in our Trio 8800 logs, but we do not have problems doing Skype calls, only calls to an cloud hosted bridge service where no video is sent or received.


Not that this helps you!

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