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Trio USB Passthrough Issue - Trio crashes/reboots


Trio USB Passthrough Issue - Trio crashes/reboots


since USB Passthrough is a sandbox feature we probably cannot open a SR on the issue below:

We have connected a Trio 8800 (SfB base profile, line 1 registered to SfB, line 2 to CUCM and BlueJeans unregistered on line 3) via USB passthrough to Win10 laptops for this test at the customer.

The Trio 8800 is paired with a VisualPro/EEIV-12x.

The Polycom Trio 8800 restarts with USB passthrough connected when you'll join first time a SfB meeting from the SfB desktop client on the laptop, after the reboot it works fine.

We've tested both Trio 8800 Software 5.9.1 Rev AA & 5.9.1 Rev AB, and tested it also on two different Win10 laptops for this test, the Trio always reboots first time you'll join a SfB meeting.
VPro has the latest software 6.2.2

Does anyone else have the same issue?


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