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VVX 600 - prevent downgrade

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VVX 600 - prevent downgrade

VVX 600 5.1.1, BToE 2.1 and Lync 2013


I'm using Lync Device Upgrade service to push UCS 5.1.1 to my VVX 600 phones from 5.0. Out of the box the VVX 600 phones are running UCS 4.x which are upgraded with a TFTP server to 5.0.  When my VVX 600 phones (5.0) are upgraded to 5.1.1 via Lync, the VVX 600 phone detects a different version on the TFTP server and downgrades to 5.0.  Is there a configuration setting to disabled VVX from downgrading itself?  Thanks

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Re: VVX 600 - prevent downgrade

Why not just replace the 5.0 software on the TFTP server with 5.1.1?


-- Nathan

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Re: VVX 600 - prevent downgrade

I'm currently testing UCS 5.1.1 with IT users only so I'm not ready to do a firm wide push yet.  Using Lync Device upgrade service allows me to push the update to individual phones. 

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Re: VVX 600 - prevent downgrade

Pretty sure if you remove the sip.ld from the provisioning server altogether, the phones will still boot.  Then you can do selective firmware push to phones without them trying to downgrade when they see that the sip.ld on the TFTP server is "different" from what they are running.  I know of no other alternative.


-- Nathan

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Re: VVX 600 - prevent downgrade

Hi Nathan,

     That's what I had to do.  Remove sip.ld from the master configuration file. Thanks.

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Re: VVX 600 - prevent downgrade

Hate to bring this up again, but I get the same thing.


Example, VVX 601, 5.6.0 version just came down.  I put the sip.ver and latest .ld firmware/app files in the FTP server directory.


Also, update all the root files, including the UCS.xml file with the proper version in the line and makes sure it matches.


Phone keeps looking and finding the previous firmware version, and downgrades itself.  The files doesn't exist on my provisioning server or config files.  I must be pulling it from somewhere. and downgrading.


I want to be able to drop new .ld firmware and basic sip.ver files into the FTP when an update comes out to auto update the phones.  But this downgrade thing after the update is driving me insane.


What am I missing?

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Re: VVX 600 - prevent downgrade

This has now be moved to the Skype for Business section and is already answered in the Skype FAQ and in addition can be found via the community search.


Feb 02, 2016 Question:How can I prevent a Polycom VVX Business Media Phone to be downgraded / upgraded automatically via Skype for Business and/or Office365?

Resolution:Download, unpack and import the attached



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