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VVX Calendar Reminder not Disappearing

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VVX Calendar Reminder not Disappearing

Playing around with 411 and 511 (5.6 firmware), and while the notifications seem to pop properly, it's very hit or miss (usually miss) that the notifications dont go away after x amount of time. Sometimes they do though, and thats the confusing part. Took a quick look around on the board and in the admin guide, but didnt see anything relevant.


The ideal situation would be for the calender notification to interact with BToE - If I hit snooze or dismiss on my PC, I want the same to happen on the phone. Sometimes it does seem to go away on it's own, but for the most part the reminder stays up on the phone until action is taken on the phone to remove it.


Is there a setting i'm missing for this interaction to work? Is there a setting to close the reminder automatically after x minutes? Is it possible to disable the reminder all together in a worst case example? Any other conifg items that would be relevant in this situation?


Thank you.

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