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VVX411: Best way for CEO to pick up calls


VVX411: Best way for CEO to pick up calls

I am about to replace our CEO and his assistants old IP PBX phones with Polycom vvx411 phones ver.  One feature that needs to be replicated is the ability for his assistants to put calls for him on hold/park and the ability for him to pick up more of less instantly the call.  I proposed for his assistants to park calls for him, and for him to dial into the parked call to pick up, but our CEO doesn't want to dial anything.  Is there a way to create a special soft key to park the call on a special/private parked number and have the other phone always pick up that special parked number?



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Re: VVX411: Best way for CEO to pick up calls



You didn't list what phone system you are using.  I'll assume it is Lync/SfB.  With Lync or SfB you can use the Boss/Admin functionality.  With SfB you could use the Shared Line Appearances.  Here are some blogs on how to setup each. 




Shared Line Appearances

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