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VVX601 Camera Support/Not Working

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VVX601 Camera Support/Not Working

I have the VVX601 working with Skype for Business on and I've connected Camera 2200-46200-025 and this is referred to the PolyCom VVX Camera but my phone says no camera is installed. The datasheet for the camera says it support the VVX500/600 but I assumed it worked on the VVX601 (perhaps incorrectly) but no clue which camera should work with the VVX601.


Any help on which camera is supposed to work with the VVX601 using Skype for Business?

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Re: VVX601 Camera Support/Not Working

Hi @ checkyourmirror,


for fully SfB support, you should choose EagleEye Mini Cam, not that "old" one.

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