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cx600 with headsets

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cx600 with headsets

Hi all,


We will be using the CX600 phones in our office shortly after a AD migration and full Skype integration. We currently have a few different syles of headsets in the office as well. We have been told that the Jabra Pro 9470 is compatible as well as some Plantronics as well.


The issue that we are having is that when the button is pushed on the headset, we are also having to push the headset button on the phone itself to pickup or hang up a call. I know it sounds minor but this is headache for the people in the support areas.


I have seen that some of these headsets require a EHS to make this work. We have someone in the office using a Plantronics WO100 that picks up the phone when the button on the headset is pushed and doesn't require a EHS. With that being said, I would think that it is something within the headset that can control this. I looked in the forums and came across a post saying the the CX600 do not support any kind of EHS, which doesn't make any sense since the Plantronics headset works.


Is there any list of compatible headsets where pushing the button on the headset picks up the phone. Using a EHS cable is fine, but we haven't found any that work with the Jabra or other Plantronics head sets that we currently have.

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Re: cx600 with headsets

As far as I know the CX600 does not support any EHS either internally or via an interface cable.  The only way to have the line pickup from the headset is to use a handset lifter.  The headsets will work but as you have found you will need to push the headset button on the CX600.


Other options would be to use a Lync/SfB compatible USB headset with the PC client or look at desktop phones that do support EHS like the Polycom VVX phones.


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Re: cx600 with headsets

I thight I saw somewhere that these phones doenst support any EHS where as the VVX does. What is interesting is that it appears to support is somehow as the Plantronics WO100 picks up when the button on the headset is pressed. Possibly just a fluke with that headset?

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