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Consortium licensing for software updates?

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Consortium licensing for software updates?

I work for a school district that uses Polycom for distance learning, using the old HDX and the newer Group products. I am trying to find ways to lower the costs of licensing to obtain software updates without crushingly expensive licensing fees from Polycom.


I have been advised that it costs an individual school district $2500 or more to have Polycom software update access, and that normally each school district needs to have a separate licensing agreement with Polycom.


Due to the equipment being firewalled off from the rest of the Internet and only accessible from other districts, it seems less expensive to just not bother with software updates and the associated licensing costs. Updating the Polycom software is of course the best practice, but is there some way to reduce the licensing costs for everyone involved?


Is it possible for a consortium of separate but associated entities that all use Polycom to have their equipment included in a collective software support license that includes the Polycom devices across all member institutions?


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