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Multipoint License

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Multipoint License

The Polycom Group series Multipoint license is it a worn off payment or an annual subscription?

Secondly, once the license is activated on the Group Series 500, Can the Group series be used to call a Polycom debut.

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Re: Multipoint License

Hi @Yinye 


the "Multipoint License" for Group Series is a one time payment. After you have purchased

the license you can active them in our Support Portal for your Group 500.


You do not need the "Multipoint License" to call a RealPresence Debut. Depends if you registered the devices to H.323 oder SIP you can make a H.323 oder SIP call between the devices. 


The "Multipoint License" enables you to host a Multipoint meeting on your Group 500 with up to 6 participants (Group 500 included).


Best regards


Daniel Weigelt



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