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VSX 7000 Flash Mount Failed

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VSX 7000 Flash Mount Failed

Hello all;



I have a VSX 7000 that was in a remote office. When powered on it goes to the boot screen with the IP/mac addresses. On the screen it says "Flash Mount Failed" "Please run system update to restore system files". I went through the process of obtaining the key via the license dashboard. I tried to download the firmware that matched what I had but I can not find 9.0, only 9.0.1. I tried this using the code and it does not work. So I tried 8.7 with the code and that did not work either. Am I taking a miss step in resolving this issue? Thanks!



Version Number Key Code Activated Date (yyyy/mm/dd) Activated By 9.0 U442-14BC- 2008/06/27 SYSTEM 8.7 U2E2-6E67- 2007/08/31 SYSTEM 8.5 U2A0-BC3C- 2006/11/19


I have since replaced the unit, but would not mind having it up and running again in an emergency :)

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Re: VSX 7000 Flash Mount Failed

Hate to double post but I can not seem to find the edit option...




8204470536CAAK is the serial number of the unit.

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Re: VSX 7000 Flash Mount Failed

I know this post is old, but the following is what I had to do (It may help others since there is not much online that shows how to fix this).  First I logged into the support site and then using the menu options went to Licensing & Product Registration -> Activation Upgrade -> All other Polycom Products -> SITE & Single Activation/Upgrade Activate Now -> Put in the S/N -> Hit the upgrade tab.  In your case the key code show for 9.0 and the 9.01 software should work, but there is a catch.  After you download the software you have to erase the flash first with the Softupdate.  After it restarts you can then “upgrade” with Softupdate using the code for 9.0.  It looks like the latest Softupdate is so you could try the erase and update with that (Documents & Software -> Telepresence and Video on the right choose Telepresence and Video and VSX 7000 in the Documents & Software drop downs).

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