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Ceiling Microphone Array


Ceiling Microphone Array

Hi team,


In OTX 300 ,Ceiling Microphone Array is not working. can anyone tell whether the solution of the issue.




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Polycom Employee & Moderator

Re: Ceiling Microphone Array

Impossible to tell from the lack of description.  OTXs require service contracts, please call your support and they will be able to diagnose and assist.

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Re: Ceiling Microphone Array

Hi steven,


we logged into web interface and checked the mic level graph in the audio options ,we were not able to see the graph response for the audio produced in the room . so we concluded that the problem with mics.


polycom engineer visited  and confirmed that mic is faulty .


we like to know , is there any other option to troubleshoot the issue.





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Polycom Employee & Moderator

Re: Ceiling Microphone Array

Couple of things, one you did by looking at the microphone meters and not seeing any level is an indication.

The other thing would be to put the codec in loop and see if you get audio.  to isolate to a specific microphone array or even microphone element use a straw and lightly puff some air toward the microphone element.

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