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CloudAxis Plugin Crashing

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CloudAxis Plugin Crashing

Hi all,


I'm trying to join a ClouAxis meeting using Chrome but everytime I got the following message: "CloudAxis Plugion has Crashed". I also tried in Firefox and IE. All browsers are in the last version and I uinstalled and installed several times. I stopped antivirus services, other plugins and didn't work as well.


Has anyone experienced the same problem and was able to solve it?


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Fabio Rigotto
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Re: CloudAxis Plugin Crashing

Just to complete.


I tried to connect from my desktop and from my surface both running WIndows 8.1. I also use Kaspersky Pure 3.0 on both. 


I checked for conflicts in Chrome, installed the certificate.


I have no idea what else I would do to solve it.

Fabio Rigotto
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Re: CloudAxis Plugin Crashing



I encounter the same problem on two differents PC:

 - Dell E7450 laptop with Windows Seven 64bits SP1 and internal webcam

 - "home made" PC desktop with Windows Seven 64bits SP1 and an additional webcam (Logitech QuickCam® Communicate STX)


The Cloudaxis plugin is installed.

Everytime I'm connected to the page "Choose how you will join the meeting", I can't select any devices (mic, speaker, webcam) and the cam preview is black.

After a few seconds, IE 11 crashes. No additional complements are installed.

I tried with Chrome (last update) but everytime I get the message "CloudAxis Plugion has Crashed"


I tried with another Dell E7450 and it works perfectly, in IE and Chrome.

I can't understand where is the problem. I disable all additional components in IE on both computers but it still doesn't work.


Any idea, please ?


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