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Connecting to a polycom hardware device via software

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Connecting to a polycom hardware device via software

Sorry in advance for the newbie question.  We don't do much VC here at the moment.  Up until now we've been using gotomeeting when we do. 


I've been asked to connect to another company's video conferencing solution and they tell me they have a Polycom.  I've asked about what model, but all they've told me so far is that it's their "Polycom".  I'm just wondering if there is software that we can use on our end with our TV/PC/Webcam setup to connect to thier equipment.  It would probably need to be something cheap as I don't know if we'll be video conferencing with them more than a few times. 

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Re: Connecting to a polycom hardware device via software

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For few times calling you can use any software solution supporting H.323 protocol (the other protocol that can be used is SIP, but there is little chance that it is used in this case). Polycom has two application for this - m100 and RP Desktop, both having 30 days trial versions. S/W are free for download from >>> Download Page <<<. Read Release Notes and try both to choose the more suitable for you.


Hope this could help.



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