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Eagleeye Camera

Eagleeye Camera

Hi team,


we are planning to purchase polycom video conference setup for our conference room. we thought of going for  EagleEye Director but the problem is length of the room. As per polycom ,Participants should be within 25 feet (7.62m) of EagleEye Director.


Room is almost 40ft in length . would anyone suggest us the correct model .





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Polycom Employee & Moderator

Re: EagleEye Camera

The EagleEye Director specification is that people should be within 3 and 22 feet of the camera.


In larger rooms the Director MAY work, but is not supported.  If you have a room that is properly lit and has good acoustics (not a lot of reverberation in the room) then it may work.  What happens in larger rooms is that the immersive shot will not zoom in a closely for the participants outside the specified range.


In poorly lit rooms or acoustically alive rooms it may not work at all.


Please make sure it is properly installed as per the installation directions and with all the clearances adhered to.

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Re: EagleEye Camera

Hi Steven,


what polycom camera solution ,you or polycom team could suggest for the room ,which is 40ft in length.


Thanks & Regards,


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Polycom Employee & Moderator

Re: EagleEye Camera

The standard EagleEye camera works just fine.  It is just that the dynamic speaker locating technology of the EagleEye Director is not intended for larger rooms like this.

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Frequent Advisor

Re: Eagleeye Camera



We have classroom with this solution installed 15m between the last student  and EED. It works fine!

Sometimes we have lagging to focus at last students face at 512Kbps-720p.


HDX 8K v 3.1.3  + Camera Eagle Eye III+ EED v2.0

André Castro,

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Re: Eagleeye Camera

hi andre,


i don't think so the bandwidth and resolution factors does not decide the camera focus.  if i am not wrong and understood correctly , the EED focusses the active speaker based upon the audio tracking , so the active speaker is not under pick up range of the camera detection , the camera will not focus the user.


Thanks & Regards,



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