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OTX 300 HDX views

OTX 300 HDX views

Hi all,


Recently we have installed polycom otx 300 in our premise. 


question is about the swapping the display.




left camera is connected to right hdx and right camera is connected to the left hdx. so that the users sitting in the left side of the room is shown in the right lcd display & user sitting in right side of the room will be shown in the left lcd .


we want to know the reason for swapping ...............  




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Re: OTX 300 HDX views

Hey ,


Please respond to this query . we want to know ,y swapping is happening in the Video . 






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Re: OTX 300 HDX views

Because if you are sitting across the table from them that is how they would appear to you.


You should not swap it because that will cause the stereo audio which is part of the OTX to come from the wrong side of the table and a big part of the immersive experience and helps the users of the system to be more engaged in the coversation.

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Re: OTX 300 HDX views

Hi Steven,


Thanks steven for the revert.


Still i am not getting the point what your trying to convey me about the scenario. Please find the attached snapshot.


common person question is person seated at seat 1 should be shown in the lcd of same position seat 1 .(likewise for all the seats.)





Re: OTX 300 HDX views

hi steven ,


I like to know the technical fact beyond this .


Even the HDX 8000 (single point) video conference which shows the mirror image(by default) of the near end conference room.(video) .


In basic networking ,  what ever the data transmitted from the source end to the other end  in IP network , the same data will be reproduced as transmitted . (my assumptions too..)


Is there any factor plays a vital beyond this ?..







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