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Polycom CX5100 to CX8000 over CAT5

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Polycom CX5100 to CX8000 over CAT5



I am currently working on a project where the customer would like a Polycom CX8000 with a CX5100 installed in his Study at a recently refurb'd property. I have a total of 2 x CAT5 cables at hand under the desk in question. Cables run back to a CAB which services internet and HDMI connections around the premises.


Option 1: (Preferred!)

Install the CX8000 in the CAB, while the CX5100 can be placed on the desk. Unfortunately, there is no cable connectivity between the desk and the wall mounted screen, so the CX8000 has to go in the CAB where HDMI wires from the screen run back to.


Option 2:

Alternately, I can locate the CX8000 and CX5100 next to the desk, however I do not think that the 2 x CAT5 wires will be enough to provide internet to the CX8000 as well as HDMI connections from the CX8000 to the screen - CAT5 to HDMI baluns generally require 2 x CAT5 cables, so I would need a total of 3 x CAT5 cables.  


Q: Is there any options that would allow me to connect the CX5100 in the study to the CX8000 in the CAB via the 2 x CAT5 cable?


All help is very much appreaciated! :)

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Re: Polycom CX5100 to CX8000 over CAT5

There is nothing that can be supported since Polycom does not test for this.


I would recommend looking at the HDBaseT web site to see if there is a device that can extend USB over Cat5e/6a which is what the HDBaseT supports.

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