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Telepresence ATX 300

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Telepresence ATX 300


1.I  have a problem with displays how to adjust the three display uniquely. can any suggest how to make all the displays uniquely.


2. Eye to eye contact was not there on the display (for ex A person sitting on display 1  seats 1& 2 is visible like 2& 1)


Continuity of the display was not there. (for ex A person moving from left to right there is no continuity on screens.)

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Re: Telepresence ATX 300

The ATX 300 is not a product supported by Polycom in the respect of the items you have mentioned.  The ATX product is provided to certified channels to develop a customer defined solution around.  Polycom provides the codecs and microphones and your certified channel uses those items to develop a product to fit your needs by adding design, implementation and services to their solution.


Your provider of the ATX should be your point of contact and will be able to offer assistance.

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Re: Telepresence ATX 300

Hi sathya ,


I hope it is not a issue  with the setup . This is a normal behaviour in the telepresence. we have the same kind of the setup in our OTX 300 Telepresence.


if any queries , let me know.



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