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internal error iPower685 &Bios Locked

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internal error iPower685 &Bios Locked


I was recently using an old Polycom iPower 685 and during a conference I took a message "Internal Error contact the administrator".

After restarting the unit the same message apeared.

I thought that could be due to the lack of free disk space (after installing the w2000 SP4 there was left only 60MB out of a 2GB partition).

I tried to use a larger disk and do repartition but the new disk cannot be found from BIOS. The BIOS has a password which I don't know.

I called the support in UK they said that is out of support. Does anyone has any idea?



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Re: internal error iPower685 &Bios Locked

Please provide your e-mail or just e-mail me via here.

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