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Embedding Polycom video within business applications can expand the power and efficiency of those business processes.  We understand that video can improve customer satisfaction, accelerate business processes and speed decision making, so it is natural to embed video within these business applications to make the transition to video communications natural, seamless and immediate. Whether linking internal decision making teams, customers to sales or support staff, or connecting to experts who can answer difficult questions, or support proper decision making.


Nowhere are we seeing this trend more clearly than in the healthcare industry, where telemedicine allows a patient to connect with a practitioner quickly, who can diagnose their condition, and if required refer that patient to a relevant expert.  Telemedicine also provides a clear path to monetize the delivery of expertise, and the expansion in the number of States that have signed into law legislation that requires plan coverage for telehealth and telemedicine services further supports this trend – see New York Passes Telehealth Reimbursement Legislation -


Polycom has developed several partnerships that allow video to be embedded within telemedicine workflows, and one example is our growing partnership with Eceptionist,  Eceptionist provides a web-based referral management software (e-referral) platform, which allows medical referrals to be managed and tracked electronically, and telemedicine encounters to be scheduled and take place directly within their software platform. 

Ultimately Eceptionist can reduce administrative costs and increase efficiency relative to paper/phone/fax referrals.  Further, this e-referral platform can support Electronic Medical Records (EMR) from Epic, Cerner, GE, McKesson and other major EMR providers, and other patient tests and diagnostic information.  And lastly, Eceptionist has completed an API level integration with Polycom, which allows video-based telemedicine encounters to take place directly within their software application leveraging Polycom CloudAxis. 


Eceptionist Polycom Telehealth Workflow.jpg



This workflow allows remote clinics to schedule telemedicine sessions with regional hospitals, and quickly and efficiently connect patients with healthcare experts –all leveraging Polycom infrastructure.   The Eceptionist/Polycom integration dynamically schedules rooms and resources based on availability, and delivers high quality patient/physician encounters.


Polycom and Eceptionist have worked closely together to deliver an integrated solution to Hunter New England, in the State of New South Wales, with a staff of over 1,500 medical officers.   A detailed case study has been published that provides an overview of this deployment, and the value realized by Hunter New England:




In many cases Polycom solutions may already be resident within these healthcare organizations, however, up to a third of all referrals come from clinics not part of their formal healthcare network.  And, these referring clinics (on and off network) may represent an opportunity for Polycom to video enable their referral process, and more broadly address their collaboration needs.


We invite our resellers and customers to learn more about Eceptionist, and the growing Polycom partner ecosystem, and to better understand how Polycom’s commitment to developing solutions that can be integrated to, provides our customers with greater value.

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