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Today’s Guest: Jon Davies

Meet Territory Account Manager Jon Davies. Based in Massachusetts, Jon recently welcomed his client to take part in our Virtual Experience program. Jon worked with Brian Amato to create a Virtual Briefing Agenda to detail and drive their meeting. They subsequently had a great event. We chatted with Jon to find out what made his experience a success.

VE: What made the Virtual Experience demonstration great for you?
JD: Brian really took the info I shared with him in our planning meeting and researched more about the customer. This helped him add nice touches during the briefing, such as having their website on the homepage of VCM.


VE: What was your favorite part? 
JD:  Brian really knows our products and how users want to use them. He knows how to deliver that info in a user-friendly manner with good humor and is just a natural relater. He was also able to draw upon his experience in education to bring relevant info into the exchange. He was extremely prepared and had an agenda ready to go based on our plans.

VE:  What were your successes? 
JD:   The customer gained confidence that Polycom is the right partner to stay with.


VE:  Anything else you like to share? 
JD:    Brian exemplifies what a top notch Briefer is!

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