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Quentin-Packard.jpgIn his nearly ten years with Polycom, Quentin Packard has made a significant impact on our sales and operations. His experiences have taught him the power of tenacity and provided him a strong will to succeed and lead change.


Q: What was your career path to Polycom?

Quentin: After graduating from Bryant University with a B.S. in business management I started my career with one of Polycom’s partners. As a regional sales director I led sales in the Northeast, focused on building teams and strategies. In 2006 I was recruited by Polycom and although I played hard to get, I was drawn to the company by its undeniable focus on solving difficult problems and the opportunity to achieve my personal goals while also helping to effect and lead change with partners, customers and within Polycom itself.


While at Polycom I also earned an MBA in change management and international business management from Northeastern University.


Throughout the years I’ve learned and realized that change and challenges are constant, but with those come great opportunities to make a difference. When things are hard I want the responsibility to make things happen. Here at Polycom we give people the ability to be accountable and lead and effect change, which is something I’m very interested in.


Q: What changes are on the horizon within the market place in 2015?

Quentin: In our rapidly evolving digital world, the “work” and the people doing the work are no longer predominantly inside corporate brick and mortar environments. In 2015, we will see a rapid shift to how customers look to provide technology inside the workplace of the future and measure the return on their investments across business optimization and top line revenue gains. Unlike years past, 2015 will be revolutionary time in our industry due to the new challenges rising from how the workplace of the future is evolving, creating immense new ways for us to solve real IT and business problems, and most importantly provide us new paths to bring video, voice and content tools to new customers and markets faster than ever before. Simply said, 2015 will present new ways to think about how we better serve our customers inside their workplace of the future strategies, and grow this market exponentially.


Q: What changes are on the horizon within the channel in 2015?

Quentin: For the channel there will be a change in the way people are looking to deploy, measure and use technology. These changes are fueled by the movement to mobile and the concept of companies seeking more digital models. Technology fuels productivity and is highly integrated in the user experience and how we utilize technology. The technology we create needs to fit into the workflow rather than creating new workflows to fit the technology. So the way we communicate with customers will change and we will need to work closely together with partners. It’s a shift to a world where we’re not just talking about IT and travel costs, but rather where the technology delivers business value.


Q: How is Polycom evolving to better serve customers?

Quentin: We are getting back to our heritage, unleashing the power of human collaboration, like never before. The concept of how we provide solutions which better connect and empower the future is becoming more important. Experience. Workspace. Workflow. We want to deliver innovation in a way that allows people to communicate, collaborate and solve real business problems wherever the technology is needed.


Q: What are some interesting examples of your experiences helping customers solve real business problems?

Quentin: Over the last decade I’ve spent a lot of time working in different verticals. I spent some time with media entertainment companies like AOL, where they needed a massive facility renovation, a workplace of the future innovation. We were able to provide technologies that fueled that innovation and allowed the, to maximize our technology to create competitive differentiation in their market. They were able to get content to market faster, reduce security risks with distributed media content, and most importantly we were able to build into the financial results they were able to achieve in bottom line optimization and top line growth.


Q: How is Polycom evolving to better serve and work with partners?

Quentin: Like never before, we’re listening better and more. We’re looking at our enablement resources and promotions carefully. Polycom is truly focused on helping partners compete to win and grow the market where growth equals more opportunities which creates more revenue for us and them.


Q: What do you think the channel will look like in 2025?

Quentin: It will look a lot like it looks today; I think we will evolve together. Undeniably, there will be new faces and new brands to compete with, in our world and yours. There will be progress in how we connect IT to the boardroom and connect that to results. By 2025 we’ll have a real benchmark to who will be successful and capture the mindshare and wallet share in our markets. From a partner perspective our path forward is 100 percent committted to them. There will be increased business value and real transformation for customers, partners and Polycom.


Q: What role will channel partners play in the work place of the future? What advice do you have for them?

Quentin: Undeniably the partner role will be to help customers understand the challenges they will face, to help them understand their options and the choices that they need to consider when choosing new technologies. They’ll need to help customers accept the concept that these technologies will provide the solution to their challenges with the added cost avoidance benefits. More than ever the technology will be more focused on delivering business value and removing cost from business operations across functions. Channel partners will provide their customers with competitive advantage and accelerate their top line results.


My advice to partners is that our sales teams need to get better at connecting the dots between boardroom and IT results. We need to partner more proactively to achieve an aligned strategy. The partner community will be more capable of winning and will achieve greater results. Define some targets, some big hairy audacious goals and achieve them. Be bold together, throw down the gauntlet. Throw down more than words, but create targets where we can execute and win together to grow the market.


Interested in learning more about Quentin? Email Polycom’s office of Competitive Intelligence and don’t forget to attend Quentin’s visionary keynote at TEAM Polycom 2015 at 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, February 11.


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