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Polycom Employee

Q: What was your career path to Polycom?

Brian: At a young age, I was interested in how images ended up on television, and later, how people communicate with each other over video. My passion has led me to some interesting places. I’ve provided video support for parole board hearings and worked as a conference producer for Glowpoint,( a Polycom Service Provider). Eventually, I transitioned to a similar role at Polycom which led to the development of the Virtual Experience program.




Q: Tell us about your presentations at TEAM Polycom, what did you show partners?

Brian: At TEAM Polycom I led sessions about the Executive Experience Centers and Polycom Virtual Experience program. The goal was help partners understand how and when to utilize these programs.


Q: Polycom is evolving to better serve and work with partners, how does the Virtual Experience Center help partners?

Brian: Polycom’s Executive Experience Centers and Polycom Virtual Experience program are powerful sales tools in their toolbox. Whether by a video conferencing system, mobile device, or laptop we provide live customized demonstrations.  


Q: What benefit does the Virtual Experience Center bring to customers?

Brian: Customers can experience a live demonstration of Polycom’s products and services from “virtually” anywhere. Virtual demos can help start or advance a conversation with the customer. We often present demos at the beginning of sale cycle to help a customer see the benefits and how the solution will address their needs. In some cases, we provide a follow up demo to showcase the solution at work prior to an installation.


Q: What is the process for partners to use the Virtual Experience Center?

Brian: Partners should contact their Polycom sales representative to schedule a Virtual Demo. Together we’ll develop a presentation based on their needs and budget.


Q: Where can we find more details about this program (Please get a link on Partner Connect)

Brian: Partners should onto PartnerConnect for more information about the Virtual Experience Program.


Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

Brian: I like to fish. I am a huge fisherman, both with freshwater and saltwater, because it’s not about the fish that you’re catching, it’s about the experience as a whole.


Q: Give us one fun fact about you.

Brian: I can juggle and eat fire. In sixth grade I wanted to join one a club at school. I was always in to exercise and I liked jogging, so I decided to sign up for the jogging club. At the time, spelling and handwriting were not my strong suit and I ended signing up for juggling. When I got to the meeting room the instructor was juggling and I've been juggling since then. I can juggle balls, pins, and fire.


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