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There are many motivators for companies to turn to cloud based video services. Principal among them are the lower upfront costs and the lower pay-as-you-go subscription fees. But in the end a customer isn’t just buying an affordable feature rich or easy to use service – your customer is buying a promise. The as-a-Service model asks customers to believe that the service will keep pace with innovation and the subscription model underwrites that belief allowing customers to easily cancel their service.


There are three parts to the promise that cloud video services extends to customers. The promise that they will 1) meet the customer’s video, voice and content needs today,2) provide valuable enhancements to the service tomorrow and 3) anticipate the customer’s functional needs for video and innovate to meet those needs over the entire life of the subscription.


Unlike many services, the as-a-Service model is enhanced when the service development roadmap is shared with customers. Let your customer see what is coming. Leverage the strength of your existing relationships and point to your record of delivering on past promises. Get your customers on-boarded painlessly and provide proof of service reliability, scalability and security to cement the longevity of the sale. After all it’s a promise. If you deliver on it you will have a customer for life.


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