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This blog is the fifth in a series that describes the changing landscape of technology sales. Previous and upcoming installments will discuss how the video collaboration industry is being impacted and where service-led engagements can benefit customers, partners and vendors.


For many technology solutions, the buying power is shifting from the IT department to lines of business leads. As technology providers, who we engage with inside the customer organization is changing. For Polycom and our partners, there’s a growing grass roots demand for better collaboration solutions. The head of marketing is looking for better ways to roll out new global campaigns and launch new products. The engineering lead needs to connect his development teams in San Jose and London with the QA team in Bangalore. The finance executive needs to meet with her counterparts around the globe to develop and manage worldwide budgets.


According to Ken O’Reily, VP of Research at TSIA, “Revenues and margins in the technology industry will be directly tied to the ability to help customers achieve actual business results.” This concept is clearly not new to Polycom or our partners as represented by the recently launched Defy Distance campaign. Technology is not about features and capabilities, or speeds and feeds. For our customers, it’s about faster decision making, higher productivity, improved collaboration, and more effective sharing of information and content. Video collaboration is expanding beyond an IT sale. As suppliers we need to be prepared to talk with our customers about driving business outcomes.Defy Distance.png


Learn more about how video collaboration helps Defy Distance across a variety of business functions by checking out the infographic.


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