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Handshake.jpgThis blog is the sixth in a series that describes the changing landscape of technology sales. Previous installments discussed how the video collaboration industry is being impacted and where service-led engagements can benefit customers, partners and vendors.


Further fueling the changing landscape of technology business models are the 3 S’s – software, subscription and services. We are experiencing a definite shift in the video collaboration market with the emergence of software. With software based video endpoints and virtual editions of our infrastructure solutions, we no longer control the appliance. The customer has more control. Software gives customers greater flexibility in how and where they deploy. With software, the real value is in customization possibilities and the opportunity to integrate with existing UC environments and other business applications. For vendors and partners, software opens the door to more flexible licensing, payment, and usage business models, and more opportunities from implementation and integration service offerings.


With subscription based models like Polycom RealPresence One, the customer makes a limited commitment, which is time constrained. They sign up for a year of usage and if they are satisfied, they renew. If however they are not satisfied with the results at the end of the subscription period, it is relatively easy for them to discontinue the subscription or jump to another vendor or provider. Visibility into usage and utilization is key for subscription customers.


With software and subscriptions, services play an even more crucial role than with pure hardware deployments. Planning services help to ensure the customers’ readiness for the successful deployment of a video collaboration solution. Deployment services increase the speed of implementation and level of integration with existing UC environments. Optimization services improve customer ROI and productivity by aligning with existing business processes, driving user adoption.  Analytics tools deliver detailed metrics and trends in utilization, resource capacity and user experience providing actionable information to support evidence-based decision making.


For more information about RealPresence One and virtual editions of the RealPresence Platform, please download the white paper.


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