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For most organizations, building and operating the Workplace of the Future is no small feat. It’s about much more than adding a video endpoint to a conference room. The Workplace of the Future is about cloud and mobility, BYOD, voice, video, Unified Communications, on-prem vs. hosted, virtual meeting rooms, video-as-a-service and more. How do our customers know where to begin? How do they get from here to there - from the workplace of today to the workplace of tomorrow and then keep going.


That’s where you, our partners, and your services expertise can help, from planning and deploying to supporting, operating and optimizing the collaboration environment. From network readiness and bridge capacity to integration into business workflows and processes, our job is making sure users and administrators can focus on their business and not the technology.


Collectively we (partners and Polycom) have experience with thousands of organizations large and small across nearly every industry, integrating into a wide variety of Unified Communications and technology environments. Our customers don’t need to reinvent the wheel or figure it all out on their own. We have the expertise to enable the Workplace of the Future at every stage of the journey.


Many of your organizations have thriving services businesses offering everything from support and maintenance to extensive or growing professional services practices. They are a key component of your value add. Polycom offers a portfolio of services as well as a number of tools to help augment your services offerings, filling in where you may have gaps in capacity, capability or geographic coverage.



And with the services announced on April 28th, Polycom continues to leverage its expertise and provide services capabilities that partners can use to expand or enhance your own offerings. Included in the announcement are the new Polycom RealAccess Services Delivery Platform, a new portfolio of VVX Services for Lync and expanded Managed Services offerings.


Polycom RealAccess is a secure, cloud-based services delivery platform that connects Polycom with partners and customers. Polycom RealAccess service delivery platform brings the power of actionable information to bear on complex business processes (i.e., asset management down to the software version and serial number). Innovative apps and service offerings open access to important information and resources creating unique value for all participants. As a partner you’ll receive elevated clarity around the needs of your customers. Utilizing access to the platform will help you create offers and services that increase revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction.


New Polycom VVX Services for Lync (and soon Skype for Business) are focused on ensuring that our customers are successful in deploying VVX handsets in a Lync environment. Most Lync services are focused on the Lync infrastructure. VVX Services for Lync are focused on end user adoption and rollout. Polycom VVX Services for Lync are positioned to fill the gaps for customers and partners – covering skillsets and / or geographies that they find difficult to cover.


Polycom Managed Services augment and extend the services capabilities of our global partners and enable us to offer the full-lifecycle of services. For partners looking to expand, supplement or complement their managed service delivery capabilities, Polycom is developing modular service capabilities within the Managed Services portfolio throughout 2015. The expanded Managed Services portfolio will help enable this joint delivery partnership and provide you the opportunity to complete your services portfolio by assisting in the delivery of managed services you may not currently offer.


Polycom is committed to our partners’ and customers’ success and services are vital to that success. Your services and expertise can truly help our customers build their own Workplace of the Future.


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